KBK Industries is committed to providing products that will be core to our customers ability to differentiate through performance. 
We achieve this through:
  • Delivery of Quality Products and Services
  • Continuous Improvement of Processes
  • Creation of a Work Environment which empowers everyone to particiate in the Quality Process
  • Development of Technology 
  • Compliance to all known requirements (customer, legal, certification agencies, etc.)
We operate according to the highest standards of safety and quality control, as confirmed by industry standards, inspection and evaluation. We hold regular audits of processes, procedures and materials.  We measure and track our performance with the goal to increase customer satisfaction.
Steel Tank Plant Certifications:
  • API 12F Monogram
  • API Q1


Fiberglass Plant Certifications:
  • API 12P Monogram
  • API Q1
  • United Laboratories 1316 Listed – Standard for Fiberglass Reinforced Underground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids


KBK is a reporting member of the following contractor safety and training platforms:
  • Isnetworld
  • J.J. Keller