Water & Wastewater Storage Tanks

Waste Water Treatment, Fire Suppression Water Storage, and Run Off Water Capture are a few of the uses of KBK tanks.  KBK offers tanks engineered for installation above or below ground.
Underground Fiberglass Tanks are used across the nation for storing water and wastewater. Underground installation optimizes land use.
We offer:

Engineered to meet tough standards for long-term storage
KBK’s underground storage tanks are designed to endure harsh environments. Constructed of sturdy, ribbed polyethylene and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), they resist the permeation of chemicals and gases naturally present in soil and sewage.

Optional Accessories:
  • Engineered Stamped Drawings
  • Bolted Cover
  • Hinged Cover (lockable)
  • Ladders
  • FRP Half or Full Couplings
  • FRP Flanges
  • PVC or FRP Pipe Stubs
  • Concrete Deadman Anchors
  • Anchor Straps
  • Additional Lift Lugs
  • Inspection Hatch (lockable)

Waste Water treatment, run off water capture, irrigation, fire suppression tanks, or Sump Tanks, KBK has a solution for you.

Uses of KBK Underground Storage Tanks

Stormwater Runoff Storage Tanks

Underground stormwater runoff capture tanks, also known as stormwater retention or detention systems, are designed to capture and manage stormwater runoff in urban and industrial areas. 

KBK’s underground stormwater runoff capture tanks play a crucial role in sustainable urban development, promoting water conservation, improving water quality, and mitigating the impact of stormwater on infrastructure and the environment. Utilizing KBK’s underground storm water capture tanks have several benefits including:

  • Preventing excess water from overwhelming storm drains and causing flooding during heavy rain events.
  • Underground tanks allow for the settling of sediments and the removal of pollutants, contributing to improved water quality before the water is released into natural water bodies or municipal sewer systems.
  • Capturing stormwater runoff provides an additional water source for non-potable uses, such as irrigation, landscaping, or industrial processes. 
  • Reduces the burden on municipal water treatment facilities and minimizing the environmental impact of stormwater runoff.
  • KBK’s underground tanks help prevent soil erosion, protecting landscapes and reducing the sedimentation of water bodies.
  • Underground stormwater capture systems contribute to long-term sustainability by addressing the challenges of urbanization, climate change, and water resource management.

Municipal Tanks:

Cities and state governments regularly install KBK underground water tanks for splash pads and water features in parks.  This allows for the recycling of water.

Another common use from cities and state governments includes water capture for irrigation which reduces potable water demand and cost.

Fire Protection Tanks

KBK’s fire protection tanks, also known as fire water tanks or fire sprinkler tanks, provide a dedicated water storage solution to provide a reliable and immediate water supply for firefighting activities in the event of a fire. These tanks are a crucial component of fire protection systems in buildings, industrial facilities, and other structures to ensure an adequate water source is readily available for fire suppression.

Some fire protection tanks supply water to fire hydrant systems strategically located around a facility. These hydrants provide firefighters with access to water for manual firefighting efforts.

KBK’s tanks are often installed in areas where municipal water supply may be limited or unreliable. KBK’s fire protection tanks act as emergency reservoirs, ensuring a consistent and sufficient water supply for fire protection.

KBK’s fire protection tanks comply with relevant codes and standards, such as those set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and local fire departments.

Sump Tanks or Sumps

Sump tanks are commonly used in various applications for purposes such as water drainage, wastewater collection, and managing fluid levels in industrial, residential, and commercial settings.

Common applications for KBK’s underground Sump tanks include:

  • Water collection for residential and commercial buildings. Sump tanks are often installed in basements or crawl spaces to collect and manage excess water. Sump pumps are often used to pump the collected water away from the building to prevent flooding.
  • KBK tanks are installed for industrial wastewater collection.  These sump tanks are used in industrial settings to collect and temporarily store wastewater, industrial effluents, or liquids containing contaminants. KBK specializes in separation and these tanks may facilitate the separation of solids and may be part of wastewater treatment systems.
  • Cooling Systems in industrial processes utilize sump tanks to collect and recirculate coolant or process water used in manufacturing or machinery cooling systems. These tanks are also deployed in data centers.
  • Sump tanks are common in chemical processing plants where they may be used for collecting and managing various chemical solutions or by-products.
  • Sump tanks can serve as emergency spill collection points, capturing accidental spills or leaks of liquids to prevent them from spreading and causing environmental damage.


Sump tanks are typically equipped with various features such as pump systems, level sensors, and access ports for maintenance.

Drainage Tanks

Underground drainage tank, also known as an underground stormwater storage system or infiltration tank, is a subsurface structure designed to collect, store, and manage excess rainwater or stormwater runoff.

 These tanks are installed below ground level and are used in various applications to mitigate flooding, control stormwater runoff, and contribute to sustainable water management practices. The design and function of underground drainage tanks vary based on specific needs and environmental considerations.

KBK offers a package of equipment with tank to make tank installation easy. Municipalities and developers incorporate underground drainage tanks into urban planning and land development projects to comply with regulations, manage stormwater runoff, and enhance the overall sustainability of the area.

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