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Scrubbers, Stacks, Ducts, and Hoods

KBK custom manufacturers odor and pollution control equipment for your application.
Fiberglass scrubbers are designed to control emissions from a wide variety of processing plants, including chemical plants, biogas, metal treating and waste destruction. KBK’s scrubbers are used for the removal of gas and acids from the vapor stream. Fiberglass ducts are used for flue gas desulphurization used primarily in power generation. They are custom-designed and built to meet any application. Fire retardant solutions are available.
KBK Scrubbers, Stacks, Ducts, and Hoods are integral components of air pollution control and odor control systems. Each serves a specific purpose in mitigating emissions from industrial processes and improving air quality. Here’s an overview of their uses:

Engineered scrubbers, stacks, ducts or hoods custom made for your facility.

Scrubbers & Stacks

KBK’s fiberglass Scrubbers are devices used to remove pollutants from industrial exhaust gases. They are particularly effective in capturing and controlling both particulate matter and gas-phase pollutants.

KBK’s fiberglass Stacks, or chimneys, are structures designed to release treated or controlled emissions from industrial processes into the atmosphere at a height that facilitates dispersion and reduces their impact on the surrounding environment. Stacks ensure that treated or controlled emissions are released at a sufficient height to disperse pollutants and prevent ground-level concentration. KBK’s stacks are offered in up to 60’ sections and can be field joined when taller stacks are required.

Ducts & Hoods

Ducts are conduits or channels that transport air or gas from one point to another within an industrial process or pollution control system. Ducts transport exhaust gases from the emission source to pollution control devices (e.g., scrubbers). Ducts help distribute treated air or gas to the point of release (e.g., stack) or to subsequent processing stages. KBK’s fiberglass Ducts can be offered in a variety of diameters to meet any of your facilities requirements.

Hoods are enclosures or openings designed to capture and contain emissions directly at the source. Hoods are positioned over specific emission sources to capture pollutants directly, preventing their release into the surrounding environment. Hoods are used to protect workers from exposure to hazardous substances during industrial processes.

Odor Control Systems

KBK’s fiberglass Scrubbers, Stacks, Ducts, and Hoods can be integrated into odor control systems to address emissions with unpleasant or harmful odors. Odor control systems may use activated carbon filters to absorb and remove odorous compounds.
These components work together to create comprehensive air pollution and odor control systems, contributing to environmental protection and regulatory compliance in industrial settings. The specific design and configuration depend on the nature of the pollutants, the industrial processes involved, and applicable environmental regulations.

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