Stainless-Steel Storage Tanks

KBK manufactures Stainless-Steel tanks used for storing, blending, cooling and processing all types of chemicals and fluids. No matter your industry we can manufacture a tank to meet your requirements.  KBK’s tanks are manufactured from corrosion resistant 304 or 316 stainless steel.
Our tanks are used by chemical companies, in beverage manufacturing, agriculture, wastewater treatment, and chemical storage. 
On of the primary uses of KBK’s stainless-steel bulk chemical tanks is for liquid fertilizer storage. They are custom designed and used in many different applications including water cisterns, nurse tanks, beverage, food, dairy, wine and beer.
Tanks are available in horizontal or vertical orientation. Bottom options include a flat bottom or a cone bottom with skirt. We utilize corrosion resistant 304 stainless with a #4 finish or 316 stainless with a 2B finish. Tank sizes range from 5,000 to 50,000 gallons.

Features and Options:

  • 304 Stainless or 316 Stainless
  • 2B or polished finishes
  • Top or Side Mounted Manway – several sizes available
  • Flanges and Couplings from ½” to 20”
  • Lifting Lugs – 3 Standard
  • Stainless Steel or Fiberglass Ladders, Ladder Cages, and Crows Nests
  • Vent Valves to prevent over pressure or vacuum. 
  • Sight Tubes for fluid level indication
Custom stainless steel tanks for any storage, blending, or treatment process.

Chemical Storage is one of the largest uses for KBK’s stainless steel tanks. Stainless-steel is corrosion-resistant, making these tanks suitable for storing a wide range of chemicals used in chemical manufacturing. KBK’s tanks are often used for mixing and blending chemical compounds. KBK offers special features including mixing baffles and custom top mounted mixer supports.

Stainless-steel liquid fertilizer storage tanks offer an excellent solution for storing fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals.

Brewing and Distilling utilize KBK stainless-steel tanks for the fermentation and aging processes in brewing and distilling operations. KBK’s tanks are also used for storing the final products such as beer, wine, and spirits.

KBK’s stainless steel storage tanks are often used by the food and beverage industry. KBK’s tanks are used for storage of ingredients such as milk, fruit juices, and ingredients, in the food and beverage manufacturing process.  KBK tanks are employed for fermentation processes in the production of beverages like wine, beer, and spirits.

KBK offers stainless steel tanks for storing raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry.  Stainless steel tanks are suitable for storing pharmaceutical ingredients and solutions due to their corrosion resistance and cleanliness. KBK’s tanks are used in bioprocessing to produce pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products.

Benefits of KBK Stainless Steel Tanks

  • Corrosion Resistance
    • Stainless steel exhibits excellent resistance to corrosion, ensuring the longevity and integrity of the storage tank even when storing corrosive substances.
  • Hygienic and Clean
    • Stainless steel is easy to clean and sanitize, making it suitable for industries with strict hygiene requirements, such as food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Strength and Durability
    • Stainless steel tanks are robust and have high tensile strength, providing durability and withstanding heavy loads and pressures.
  • Temperature Resistance
    • Stainless steel can withstand a wide range of temperatures, making it suitable for storing both hot and cold substances.
  • Versatility
    • Stainless steel tanks can be customized in terms of size and shape, making them versatile for various applications and industries.
  • Aesthetic Appeal
    • Stainless steel has a polished and clean appearance, contributing to a professional and aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Recyclability
    • Stainless steel is recyclable, contributing to sustainability and reducing environmental impact.
  • Low Maintenance
    • Stainless steel requires minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs.
In summary, KBK stainless steel storage tanks find widespread use across industries due to their durability, corrosion resistance, cleanliness, and versatility. Their application in diverse sectors attests to their reliability and effectiveness in meeting storage needs for a wide range of substances.

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