Fiberglass Underground Storage Tanks

Available in capacities ranging from 5 to 1,500 barrels, our fiberglass storage tanks are used to store chemicals, waste water, oil, liquid fertilizer and various other solutions. KBK fiberglass tanks are also used nationwide in applications that require corrosion control. These applications include water reclamation, agriculture (fertilizer/liquid feed) and municipal operations.
KBK’s fiberglass plant has more than 150,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity and is staffed with a skilled team of manufacturing employees.
All tanks are produced with premium resins to withstand corrosion and our external coatings keep the tanks looking great for years.
Our insulated fiberglass tanks excel in extreme temperatures.
Each tank is tested, and undergoes multiple quality-control checks throughout the manufacturing process. KBK fiberglass tank manufacturing is in accordance with industry standards and the American Petroleum Institute (API). KBK’s fiberglass plant is certified under the API 12P Monogram Program, API – Q1 and ISO 9001-2015.  This plant is UL listed 1316.
Storage tanks that meet your specific requirements are available in a range of sizes, and are complemented by high-quality fittings – flanges, couplings, manways, thief hatches and gaskets. Gel coats and pigments are available in a variety of colors to protect the exterior of the tank from ultraviolet (UV) rays.