KBK Desanding Technology

Rely on our patented DFSD® desander technologies to efficiently remove the abrasive solids from tank battery inlet fluids. The DFSD® desander will prevent solids from filling tanks in your battery and will extend the life of your disposal well.

The KBK DFSD® Desanding Tank provides several valuable functions in one unique vessel design:

  • Captures solids to consolidate them in one vessel before they can redistribute into downstream facilities 
  • De-gases inlet fluids to eliminate gas-related mixing energy in downstream separation systems 
  • Uniformly divides the outlet flow into two or more equal streams via its hydraulic flow splitting design 
  • Easily remove captured sand without physical entry into the tank
  • Tanks are manufactured with a steel or fiberglass shell and to API Standards
  • Tanks are made in steel and fiberglass and can be rated to 50 PSI
kbk desanding tank

KBK Oil Skimming Desanding Tank (OSDST®)

The OSDST® is a patented tank technology that is a specialized oil recovery and desanding tank designed for 30,000 BPD and rated for slug flows of 220,000 BPD and 20,000 BOPD.  

The OSDST® is utilized in pipelines and before central tank batteries to prevent solids loading. This tank captures the suspended solids before these solids damage piping, valves, meters or accumulate and block the system.

  • The oil recovery performance in comparable to an API Gunbarrel.
  • No entry is required to clean this tank.
  • Tanks are made of steel or fiberglass and can be rated to 50 PSI

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