Desanding, Flow Splitting Tanks and Degasing

KBK DFSD® Desanding Technology

Desanding, Flow Splitting and Degasing Tanks

Rely on our patented DFSD® Desander technologies to efficiently remove the abrasive solids from fluid streams. The DFSD® desander will prevent solids from filling tanks in your battery and will protect downstream piping and pumps from solids damage. 


The Gen 2 DFSD® Desanding Tank

Captures Smaller Sized Particles

Captures solids to consolidate them in one vessel before they can redistribute into downstream facilities.

Increased Gas Handing

De-gases inlet fluids to eliminate gas-related mixing energy in downstream separation systems.

Easier Solids Removal

Easily remove captured sand without physical entry into the tank

Hydraulic Flow Splitting

Uniformly divides the outlet flow into two or more equal streams via its hydraulic flow splitting design

kbk desanding tank

How it works:

  • Fluid is brought into the tank, speed up, and spun counterclockwise in the first desanding cone, gas it taken to the vapor area of the tank and solids fall out of the bottom of the cone.
  • Fluid exits this cone through the side outlet and is sped up once again before entering a second desanding cone where the fluid is spun counterclockwise taking any remaining gas to the vapor area and further desanding the fluid.
  •  Fluid exits this second cone and is sent counterclockwise along the sidewall of the tank. 
  •  As fluid enters the tank, fluid exits the tank via outlets buckets which hydraulically splits flows and creates head pressure to gravity flow the fluid.
  • To clean the tank, customers usually wait until there is 6 to 7 feet of solids accumulated.  A vacuum truck is connected to the ports around the bottom of the tank, which allow the truck to collect the solids.  It typically takes about an hour to clean out the DFSD tank.

Cone Bottom DFSD®   Desanding Tanks

Cone bottom DFSD® tanks increase the ease of cleaning out the solids captured in this tank.
The Cone Bottom DFSD® can easily be automated, so solids are pumped to a dewatering sludge dumpster. Water sent to the dumpster can be routed back to the DFSD® tank for processing in a closed system.
This process saves the cost of liquid waste hauling and vacuum truck costs.
  • 45-degree cone bottom on a steel stand or with a fiberglass skirt.
  • Rated to flow up to 100,000 BBL’s or 4,200,000 gallons per day.
  • Capture almost all of the suspended solids sized 50 microns and up.
  • Fiberglass or lined carbon steel construction.
  • Sized to gravity flow into your tank battery
KBK’s DFSD™ (De-sanding, Flow Splitting, and De-gasing) tank was designed to capture suspended solids, remove gas from the fluid stream and split flows to multiple trains of tanks. As its name implies, its inlet cyclone separates particulates down to 50 microns to desand the inlet fluid. This concentrates the majority of solids in one vessel, keeping the rest of the facility and its process equipment fee of any large solids loading. Since this fluid may have periodic slugs of gas, this vessel is also designed to de-gas the inlet fluid. Gas provides enough mixing energy to defeat oil-water separation, so eliminating it is quite beneficial. Finally, the KBK DFSD™ is a hydraulic flow splitter. It can be designed with multiple splits, each one identical to the others for ideal flow division into multiple downstream systems for further processing. DFSD™ is a registered trademark of KBK. The Cone Bottom DFSD® is patented and owned exclusively by KBK Industries, LLC.


Oil Skimming Desanding Tank (OSDST®)


The OSDST® captures solids from fluids found in pipelines. This specialized oil recovery and desanding tank designed for 30,000 BPD and rated for slug flows of 220,000 BPD and 20,000 BOPD.  

The OSDST® is utilized in pipelines and before central tank batteries to prevent solids loading.

This tank captures the suspended solids before these solids damage piping, valves, meters or accumulate and block the system.

  • The oil recovery performance in comparable to an API Gunbarrel.
  • No entry is required to clean this tank.
  • The OSDST® is offered in carbon steel or fiberglass and can be rated to 50 PSI.


The OSDST® is patented and owned exclusively by KBK Industries, LLC.

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