Liquid Fertilizer Storage Tanks: Uses and Benefits

Large Storage Tanks

Uses and Benefits of Liquid Fertilizer Storage Tanks What Are Liquid Fertilizer Storage Tanks? Storing liquid fertilizer is a critical aspect of modern agricultural practices, as it allows farmers to efficiently manage nutrient distribution and ensure optimal crop yields. When it comes to selecting storage solutions, fiberglass storage tanks manufactured by KBK Industries offer numerous benefits that […]

Underground Fuel Storage Tanks: Uses and Benefits

Underground Tanks

Uses and Benefits of Underground Fuel Storage Tanks Underground double-wall fiberglass tanks manufactured by KBK Industries and built to the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard 1316, offer a wide range of uses and benefits that make them an ideal choice for storing diesel, gasoline, and DEF (diesel exhaust fluid). KBK’s tanks are used in gas stations and […]

How Do Technology Tanks Work?

Desanding and Oil recovery tanks

How Do Technology Tanks Work? Today, more than 2,300 water recycling, reuse and saltwater disposal operations are utilizing KBK’s patented tank technologies to remove suspended solids, gas, and oil from produced water. The HWSB™ Oil recovery tank maximizes oil recovery and the DFSD™ desanding tanks removes suspended solids and gases.  Desanding, Flow Splitting and De-Gasing […]