KBK: A Leading Storage Tank Manufacturer

When the tanks for your project have to be on time and to your specifications, count on KBK!

KBK is a leading storage tank manufacturer offering storage tanks in carbon steel, stainless steel, and fiberglass. KBK manufactures above ground and below ground storage tanks used in a wide variety of applications. KBK operates two of the largest storage tank manufacturing plants, which utilize the latest in manufacturing technologies to build highly cost competitive storage tanks.

KBK is recognized as a national leader in storage tank manufacturing. KBK manufactures storage tanks used for storing chemicals, water, wastewater, and a variety of fuels. KBK delivers storage tank solutions to agriculture, municipal, industrial and oilfield customers. For over 45 years, KBK has manufactured high-performance storage tanks in a variety of sizes and configurations to certified standards. KBK storage tanks are long lasting and affordable.

Tank Manufacturing - Optimizing Business Logistics

KBK Industries has manufacturing facilities strategically positioned to serve the entire U.S., allowing for nationwide coverage and simplifying business logistics for our customers. Our in-house distribution capabilities ensure businesses have access to the materials they need, when and where they need them.

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